Duncan U Classes

I am so excited to be having Duncan Ambassador, Dru Woodward, return to our studio. If you recall, she was here in July to teach the first half of Duncan Essentials. Here’s what we are doing with her:

  1. Saturday @ 2:00 Aspen Leaves ceramic box with glass frit. This is a Duncan U Class and CDTs will get credit towards advanced training. We are all set up and awaiting her arrival.
  2. Sunday @ 2:00 More Mandalas, dot designs on an 8″ plate. Although not a Duncan U class, this is a new technique for us using Cover Coat underglazes. We base coated our plates so they are ready to go.
  3. Sunday @ 6:00 , IADCCT charter meeting of a brand new chapter at the Austintown Denny’s Restaurant. The closest to us now is in the Toledo area. To be a member you must have completed the Duncan Essentials training and joined the national organization.

Carol’s Carousel
Where having Fun is why we come!

Bringing  in Duncan Ambassadors
gives us the opportunity to learn new techniques.

We can squeeze in a couple more seats
if anyone else wants to come.


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