Foundations Page Added

foundation clipartToday I finished up and published a new catalog page called “Foundations”. Check it out here: Foundations

This page includes more than sixty “Foundations” or bases that can be used for supporting a variety of projects. They are round, square, soft, and wood.
The page includes some for scenes because it looks like they can be used with other figures.

Same with music box bases. However,  bases for the Christmas trees are included with the trees.

You will need a base for making lamps and music boxes, and may want to mount small items on a base rather than setting them precariously on a shelf.

Many of these pieces have not been measured, poured, or priced. This page will be updated as that is done. You may, however, inquire about any base and we will pull the mold for you.

Next week’s schedule

  • tonight we have another Soaring Kites workshop for anyone interested
  • Friday, August 3rd Kids Krafts @ 6:00 — Unicorns and Princesses, silkscreens on a plate
  • Saturday, August 4th Date Night Sip & Paint @ 6:00 — Beer Steins
  • Sunday, August 5th Workshop Week — Sand Painting

Carol’s Carousel
Where having Fun is why we come!

Bring your girls on Friday.
Find a date for Saturday night.

Tell your friends about our workshops.

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