July in the Studio

This Week

Monday 7/2 — Open Class, no workshops due to vacations
Tuesday 7/3 — available call first
Wednesday 7/4 — closed 4th of July Holiday
Thursday 7/5 — available call first
Friday 7/6  — closed due to weekend workshops
Saturday 7/7 — Essentials I & II 9 to 9 (seats available)
Sunday 7/8 — Sand Painting Piggy WS 2 to 6 (seats available)

Next Week 

Monday 7/9 — closed due to weekend workshops

Wednesday 7/11 — Open Class
Friday 7/13 — Kids Krafts & Open Class (WS TBD)

The Week After


Workshops will resume the following week, starting with the Kite WS that was postponed. Remember that you are learning lots of new techniques that you can use on future pieces:
  • masking tape
  • contact paper
  • blending colors with a sponge
  • shimmers
  • sprinkles
  • sgraffito

Reminder: New Studio Fees

  • Effective July 1, 2018 the studio or lesson fee is $6.00 per visit.
  • Monthly fee of $20.00 covers all open classes; come as many times as you want
    (not transferrable to next month or to other painters)
  • Monthly fee gets you reduced fee of $5.00 on all in-house workshops
    (not for guest instructors)

Carol’s Carousel
Where having FUN is why we come!

Summer FUN has just BEGUN!
Come & Paint inside where it’s cool !

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2 Responses to July in the Studio

  1. Deb Redilla says:

    Can you tell me were to purchase a pacifier for the simple softie monkey musical slot bank?


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