Birthday Workshops


Both of next week’s workshops will be on Wednesday, June 13th. Kids Krafts WS is at 1:00 and Grownups WS is at 6:00. If you come on Mondays and want to do this project we can do it then, too. There will be no classes on Friday due to an out-of-town wedding. Both of these are really FUN workshops and we will celebrate with cake and ice cream. Please let me know you are coming.

KK 6-13-2018 Baseball Ice Cream Bowl POSTERWS 6-13-2018 Ice Cream Bowl flowers & laceI am so excited about teaching this grownup workshop. It is a project that we did at the Cyberflyers I.A.D.C.C.T. Regional Event in Fresno the first weekend in May. Hoping that we have lots of interest. It was really fun to do and not as hard as it looks. Learn to use matte glazes and paint with Q-tips.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having FUN is why we come.

So why not come and bring a friend?
Learn a new technique next week!

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