Great American Baseball Tour — Day 41

baseball logoFriday, May 25, 2018
Last Game of the Baseball Tour!

Cincinnati Reds vs. Colorado Rockies
4 to 5 Colorado
The Reds started off well, the Rockies caught up and it was a tie for several innings, then they got more run and the Reds just couldn’t score again. Better luck next time!

Waiting outside the stadium for Jim to park the car. View of the field.
Jim & Carol selfie. The hats.
Mascot waving the victory flag. Dinger the Dinosaur.
We found out that when digging the new stadium they found dinosaur bones.

Baseball Smilies

To commemorate the end of the baseball tour we are offering the baseball
smilies (boys) and the softball happy (girl) painted in your team colors for $20.00

softball happys greenwareWhen ordering please state:
girl or boy pitcher or boy batter,
team colors, and any
logos or names or numbers you want on the jersey.

Since these are not our molds we are not taking orders for bisque unless you are painting in our studio.


Carol’s Carousel Creations
Jim & Carol Warneke


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