Great American Baseball Tour — Day 33

brother & sisterThursday, May 17, 2018

Today we visited Carol’s Brother John in Salem, Oregon and met his wife, Sheila, for the first time. They have a lovely home with a beautiful garden, as Sheila is an avid gardener.

They took us out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant called Los Dos Amigos. Those huge colorful Mexican hats were for sale and I thought about buying one as a souvenir. But where would I find room for it in the car and where would I display it in the house? LOL

los dos amigos with John & Sheila

Our Mexican Ceramics

Duncan 0229 MEXICAN PIGGY BANK bisque $5.00, finished $7.50

This adorable Mexican piggy bank is plain enough to add hand-painted designs or decals. Or request that the top is cut out and use it as a scrubby holder or small planter. 

S-K 0465 mexican


Any orders this week of $25 or more will get a free Corky ornament. These are open-pour molds so the ornaments are flat on the back. Ideal for gift tags, Christmas trees, or refrigerator magnets.  Additional ornaments are also available for $1.00 each. Choose your ornament(s) from this page: Cookie-Cutter Ornaments

Carol’s Carousel Ceramics
Jim & Carol Warneke


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