Countdown to Christmas

Wow! It’s December already.
We only have about three weeks to get all
our decorations and Christmas gifts made.

countdown to christmas clipart

If you are coming to class once a week, you may not have enough time to get finished.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Purchase some bisque-to-go and take it home to paint (You can pick up Apple Barrel paints at Walmart for 50¢ each and a brush set for $4.00)
  2. Order a ceramic gift basket for some of the kids on your list. This includes two pieces of bisque, a brush and some paints, and a coupon for a free lesson. (We had some buckets made up for Easter if you recall.)
  3. Purchase a gift certificate so your friend can come and paint her own pieces. These can be in any dollar amount you wish to spend.
  4. Purchase a finished piece or let us make something especially for your family member or friend. Remember that many pieces can be personalized or painted in colors of their favorite team.
  5. Bring someone with you, perhaps one of your kids, to help get your painting done. Or bring them, anyway, and let them make their own gifts. There are many items kids can make that are beautiful gifts.
  6. Come to class more often. December Special: $5.00 studio fee gives you all three days of studio time.
  7. Don’t forget about our extensive ornament collection. Forty craft drawers are full of ornaments that you can paint here or take home. Give each person on your gift list an ornament. Perhaps tie it into the bow on a package. If you make the flat corky cookie cutter ornaments, they are flat on the back and you can write a message or use it as a name tag.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having FUN is why we come!

clipart christmas tree border2

If you need something poured in time for Christmas,
you must order it right away.
We will do our best to fill everyone’s orders.
Remember that multiple orders of the same piece 
take multiple days to pour.

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