New Twist on Old Trees

These are all variations on Holland 705.
It is about 12″ tall and has an extra branch that can be added to  make it 14″ tall. Trees with candy do not light up; however, when the candy is gone you can always wire it and add lights. The gingerbread tree does light up.

  1. Peppermint Tree
    clear glaze with Duncan red color burst crystals; large holes; peppermint sticks (half sticks in the lower branches)
    Keep one near the front door and Invite guests to help themselves.
  2. Candy Cane Tree
    not to be confused with the Peppermint Tree; still to come but it will be a green tree with candy canes in the holes instead of lights
  3. Lollipop Tree
    pink iridescent stain from Fashenhues; solid color, one coat, very easy to paint; lollipops fit into holes sized for small twist lights (which you can add later).
    Good tree for preschoolers to make and surely they would like one nearby.
  4. Gingerbread Tree
    use semi-translucent glaze in light shade of brown; if you have fired snow you can add it now; I used non-fired snow to make the icing, sprinkled with a little red glitter; and used ball pinlights.
    A nice nightlight  tree for in the kitchen near where the baking is done.
  5. Gingerbread Cookie Tree
    not to be confused with the Gingerbread tree; it is a regular green-glazed tree with ginger cookies glued on. (not quite finished)

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

Nowell 1681 Spruce Christmas tree cat picIt’s Tree Time!
Did you make a tree this year?
Use your imagination & make something different!
Easy enough for the kids to do and small trees (7-8″) are only $20.
PM or Call

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