Specialty Trees

Special Color Lights

All trees will come with an assortment of colored lights in the appropriate size. If you want all one color, please specify when ordering your tree.

Sports Trees

If you are making a “football tree” (or baseball or motorcycle, etc.) you need to determine what team colors you want to use. (Lights are not available in all colors.)Trees can be painted in glaze or in acrylic stains. Team logos can be put on with a decal or painted by tracing the design first with clay carbon. Decals require an extra firing and there is an extra charge for the decal.

Different Ways to Decorate

Most of these pictures have been borrowed from Facebook posts by other ceramists.

Military Trees

Candy & Cookie Trees

Holiday Trees (Halloween, Snowflake, Valentine)

There is much more to come but this is more than enough for one post. Trees come in many different sizes and styles, some too small to be lighted but we can always use jewels to decorate them. Decorating trees is only limited by your imagination!

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

Christmas tree 1681Bring your friends and your kids
and come make yourself a Christmas tree!





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