New Page

I added another new page tonight, although there aren’t many pictures to post as I kept forgetting to take them before giving away the pieces. LOL

star trek sky

It is called Star Trek & Beyond. The main feature is Star Trek items we have made for the USS Renegade to sell at shows. We don’t have any actual trek molds (except for some plastic cookie cutters) but we are adding designs to plain pieces, such as cups and tiles. This page also contains other outer space items such as E.T., Star Wars, and the YSU Planetarium Penguins.
Here’s the link: Star Trek & Beyond.

NEXT PROJECT is to make a Star Trek Tree, using the same mold we use for football trees. I am open to suggestions for the logo, color of tree & lights, and whatever accessories might work.


And here is our Trekker. Although the whole family enjoys watching the shows, Star Trek is Jeremy’s passion. He has all of the movies and all of the series on DVD and he lives in a bedroom full Star Trek memorabilia including ships, action figures, plates, mugs, and so on.

We all belong to the local STARFLEET ship, the USS Renegade. We meet the second Tuesday of every month and alternate business meetings with activity meetings. If you would like to join, give us a call.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!CC logo

So boldly go where no one has gone before.

Download some clipart, grab some carbon paper, and use your
imagination to make your own Star Trek treasures and gifts.

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