Updated “The Coffee Shoppe” Page

duncan 0018 Love cup


I replaced the pictures on The Coffee Shoppe,  our page for cups and smaller mugs. See The Corner Pub for larger mugs and steins. Many of the pictures were distorted to fit into the tile format. [The Coffee ShoppeThe Corner Pub] Descriptions and sizes will be added later.  All cups and mugs are $5.00

Make-A-Mug Workshops

Duncan 0077 stack mugare a good introduction to ceramics for new groups such as senior citizen groups, clients at workshops for the disabled, residents of nursing homes, scouts, homeschoolers, and so on. We usually provide an assortment of plain mugs so that they can choose their own designs. Silkscreens are provided and rubber stamp letters if they want to add their name. Other cups/mugs can be requested.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

CC logo

If you haven’t yet made yourself a coffee mug, come on over.
Personalized mugs also make great Christmas gifts — add cocoa, tea bags, or candy.
Choose from an assortment of special mugs or design your own.


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