Santa Workshop

Old World SantasToday we had five painters doing Old World Santas with Fashenhues. Some were kids but they did okay. We have two of the Royal Santa (1st & 4th), two of the Farmer Santa (2nd & 5th), and a Pinecone Santa.

Check out the Old World Santa page and order  yours. We have 45 different Old World Santas besides our regular Santas. We can do another Fashenhues Workshop if you would like to learn OR you can paint them with acrylics. Just send a PM to the Facebook page or call us. Here’s the link Old World Santas 

Most Old World Santas are 10-12″ tall and sell for $10 in bisque. Some of the international Santas are only 8″ tall and sell for $7.50 in bisque. Lesson fee at Open Classes is $5.00.  The Fashenhues Workshop is $20 which includes the lesson, bisque, and paints. If you have already attended a Fashenhues workshop you can do them during Open Class. You MUST order which Santas you want as I am not pouring all 45 — no shelf space for that many!

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we  come!

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Plan Ahead —
Last year we had folks having to hurry at the last minute.

Old World Santas make a unique Christmas gift.



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