Fashenhues at Dayton

For those students who are planning to go to the Midwest Ceramic Show in Dayton.
Ruth Ann Jenkins Perkins is the Fashenhues teacher and this is her response to my inquiry about her classes:
  • Friday, Advanced – Doc Holiday underwater bass (6 seats only for this one) – Translucents, & Metallics, pearls;
  • Saturday Advanced – Turtle – (5 seats only for this one) Translucents & Metallics & Pearls – different method

All other seats, – Friday (6 seats, or any remaining open seats -) and Saturday (7 seats, or any remaining seats)

  • Humming Bird Rock,
  • Hummingbird Box Gourd,
  • Fairy Houses Pumpkin
  • Fairy Houses Bee villa
  • Crosses – Dogwood Rose cross  & Footprint 
  • Tampa Bay Small Night lights

After the show she is currently doing she will post registration buttons on the Midwest Ceramic Show website. You can always pay at the door IF there are any seats left. However, it is better to register and pay ahead of time.

I have also sent personal messages (PMs) to other teachers who have held classes in the past. If I get a response I will post it here.



Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!


Why not join us in Dayton and take some new classes from the professionals?
Don’t want to travel?  We will share what we learn by giving Workshops when we return!

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