Getting Around


Did you know that you can search for whatever you want? For example, “Fall Calendar”. Type into the search box on the right and it will come up with anything containing that phrase, then click on the one you want.



Did you know that links take you directly to that place on the website? For example, click on Old World Santas.


clipart-menuDid you know that when you click on “Bisque” on the menu bar, you will get an index page with all the categories listed alphabetically? Try looking for Halloween. The category is called “Trick or Treat”.
the same place provides pull-down menus of two more levels and you can just click on those until you find what you want. Try finding Thanksgiving. The category is “Gobble Gobble”.

clipart-follow-me-ducksDid you know that you can subscribe to this website? Click on the word “Follow” on the right and it will ask for your email address. You will then receive my blogs directly into your email either on your phone or your computer. You will not get other posts, just the blog. However, if there is something new I will try to mention it in the blog.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

And thanks for reading my blog.
Please tell your friends about us.


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