Mud Room Update

Just a quick note for those of you who are following our progress with the studio. Carousel Shelves are loaded, Christmas Shelves are loaded, all the Easter molds from the game room are back on the shelf, and miscellaneous molds as well. Very large molds that we had on the floor are now behind the furnace.  The butcher block table, the pool table, and the white table have all been cleared. The floor in the Mold Storage Stacks is nearly cleared as well–just a few odds and ends. There is room to move one of the metal shelves from the game room, but Jim may want to wait until he builds the wooden shelf units to replace them.

The To-Do List still includes organizing the shipping boxes and packing materials, installing an exhaust fan for spraying, installing the new sink, and building a bathroom.  But the list is getting significantly shorter!  There is also computer work to do such as recording the location of all the molds, and updating the online catalog. It can be found under the tab BISQUE at the top of the page.

Carousel Creations
Where having FUN is why we come!

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