Making Room for More

clipart full closetEver get to the point where if you buy one more shirt you need to give something away because there’s no more room in the closet? With the ceramic molds I keep buying more carousel molds but where to put them? We still don’t have room for the ones we got last year. As you well know they are shelved in the game room, stacked on the pool table, and more on the floor.


I see two options: build more shelves and get rid of some molds.
First, clipart worker with boardwe are in the process of building another large shelf unit (8-ft long, 2-ft deep, 6-ft high). And we will replace the metal shelves with sturdy wood shelves at a later date. Those will not be as big so we can build them in the shop and get them through the door. The large unit has to be done before the bathroom or there isn’t enough floor space to build it.


Alberta (Jamar Mallory) 0045 antique dollSecond, there are two categories of molds to consider getting rid of. I have already listed the large Jamar-Mallory lace-draping dolls on several ceramic Facebook pages. I will keep the smaller ones so we will still be able to learn the technique.

The other consideration is whether to keep or sell the Native American Indian molds. I have one entire 4-ft shelf unit dedicated just to Indians. So I am contacting three people I know are interested in Indian Lore. In order for them to see what is available I am working on a new page Native American Indians. Please check it out and see if there is anything you would want to make for yourself or for a gift. And share with friends who might be interested. (Check back later in the week as it is a work in progress.)

Carousel Creations
Where having FUN is why we come!

Interested in Indians? Let us know, before they go!


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