Painting the Carrousel

We had a wonderful time at the Carrousel in Mansfield on Wednesday. Here are a few of the pictures we took. We were unable to get a nice full-view picture of the carrousel because it is in a building. But Jim took many pictures of the horses and other animals to get ideas for painting. Our animals are not exactly like these, different position or different saddle and other decorations on the animals.  One thing that I found interesting is the lack of decoration on the inside of the animals. It is painted, but not detailed or jeweled.


We also visited the gift shop where they have a varied selection of souvenirs. However, I was disappointed at the selection of actual carrousel items. My sister and her granddaughter each got a beautiful throw which actually has the Richland Carrousel logo on it. They had quite a few small, music box carrousels but that was about it.

Sharon, the Co-Director, was showing me some items under glass that are on consignment. We got to talking and she may be interested in taking some of our items to sell. Of course, she would have to see them first and we would have to agree on prices.  So now my mind is racing… they don’t have any individual animals, or jewelry, or mugs, or a cookie jar, or …

But first we have to build another mold shelf and a bathroom. Then I can actually start painting them.

Carousel Creations
Where having FUN is why we come!

So why not come over and make your own carousel?
We have lions and tigers and bears and zebras and giraffes and . . .


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