Dragons & Dragonflies

clipart dragon borderThis is the name of our next DATE NIGHT, Saturday, June 25th at 6:30. Last month our Date Night was a big success and we would like to make it a monthly event if there is enough interest. There is an “event” on the Facebook page where you can sign up or just message me.  Date Nights are intended for young couples–teens and young adults–but older couples are also welcome. The cost is $25 per couple for the featured item. But you can choose to make something else, if you prefer.


This is a silkscreen workshop done with Concepts underglazes on bisque. This is a picture of the actual dragon silkscreen since I have not yet completed the sample piece.  It has six different dragons  and you can choose the night of the event.


This is the “bugs” silkscreen which includes the dragonfly but also an assortment of other bugs and butterflies. I am thinking the guys probably want to do the dragons and the gals the dragonflies and butterflies, but I have been know to be wrong in assuming things.

Silkscreens can be applied to any plain piece. You are only limited by the size of the silkscreen and the size of the piece. For example, cups, bowls, plates, flower pots, watering cans, plaques, vases….   I will have a supply of plates on the shelf but if you want something else you need to order it at least a week in advance.

First the pattern is transferred using black underglaze, then you add color where you want it with a single coat of concepts.  You can freehand other designs and sponge on background or border colors to make your piece look more complete.

Here is a child’s plate setting ready to be glazed and fired.  Your pieces will look like this when you are finished but the colors will pop after the clear glaze is applied and they are fired.Cutsey place setting CC

In case you are single (or he just doesn’t want to come) you can learn to silkscreen at any of our open classes. Monday, Thursday, and Friday evenings at 6:30. Make sure to call ahead and tell us you are coming.

Carousel Creations
Where having FUN it why we come!

So let’s make it a date!
(And it’s a pretty cheap date compared to something like dinner and a movie!)


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