Old World Santas

Today I added another page to the tab Bisque/Holidays called Old World Santas.  There are also Santas elsewhere under headings like Santa Stuff and various Ornaments. They are a little easier to paint, more cartoon like, and better for most children. This page has 39 Santas that are pretty well detailed and good candidates for Fashenhues translucent acrylics. Because there are so many and our shelf space is so limited you are unlikely to find bisque on the shelf for what you want.  So please order ahead, allowing at least 2 weeks. Please note that the Ohio Santa can be painted for any of the Ohio football teams; e.g. Ohio State, Cleveland Browns.  Here are just a few. For others follow this link Old World Santas

Carousel Creations
Where having FUN is why we come!

And it’s fun to paint Santas any time of year.

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