Workshop Input Needed

What kind of techniques would you like to learn?

  • FFashenhues Workshop I finished pieces.jpgashenhues

This is a water-cleanup non-fired oil paint that is especially nice on detailed pieces. You begin by sealing the piece with a base coat before applying translucent colors.

  • SilkscreeningSanta Silkscreen on Octagon Plate

Detailed line drawings are applied to plain bisque by forcing thickened underglaze through a screen. We have several patterns available including flowers, birds, butterflies, bees, and holiday designs.

  • MarbleizingMarbelized Bowl CC from Dayton Workshop

This is a new technique where underglaze is applied over 3 coats of black glaze. Each “dot” of underglaze gets 2-3 drops of other colors which are then marbleized before going onto the next. Designs are free-form and easy to do.

  • porcelain cameos CCPorcelain Cameos

You first paint several coats of white porcelain into the molds. When dry you pour enough colored porcelain slip to completely fill the mold. When the piece is thououghly dry, remove from mold and smooth edges before firing.

  • CLUB DAVID Flirting (owls)Brush Strokes

Learn to use round and square brushes to create beautiful designs that are first transferred to the piece using clay carbon. These are most often done on a plate but you can use any plain piece, such as vases or planters, and dinnerware.

  • Disney Dwarf Happy CCLiner Brush

Learn to use a special brush called a liner brush to easily create long flowing lines for outlining or adding detail to a piece. Also good for striping. We will first learn how to use the brush on paper.  Then we will apply the technique to one of the cartoon characters. (Brush included in the workshop)

  • How to Paint Eyesshellysbrushworks eyes clip

Interested in a special workshop just on eyes?  We will learn lashing, shading, and highlighting, first on paper and then we will apply the method to a character with large eyes. We will also discuss modifying the technique for pieces where the eyes are rather small.

  • Scioto 2074 standing squirrelAntiquing

This is a shading technique using non-fired stains. You paint a thinned color over the entire piece (small areas at a time) and wipe back leaving dark color in the details.  This is good for animals where one shading color is used throughout.

  • Kimple 1643 carousel ornament goat darkDry Brushing

This is a shading technique where you first paint the dark color. Then add layers of lighter color using a dry brush with very little paint, and stroking perpendicular to the detail of the piece, leaving color only on the high parts.

  • Byron 0848 small watering canDecals

For those who prefer not to paint fine detail, or who want to add uniform designs to multiple pieces, decals may be for you. They are applied to a piece that is already glazed and fired (usually with a clear glaze to give a white background). The decals must then be fired

  • Tiny Ballerina in MOP CCOverglazes–Mother of Pearl,  Gold, and Silver

Again, these are applied to an already fired glaze to give a special elegant effect. Some people like to add Mother of Pearl to a white Christmas tree, or a small figurine.

  • And more

There are other techniques which we will address later. However, if you see something you are interested in you can always ask.  There is banding, sponging, stenciling, rubber stamping, using design sheets, spattering, scraffito, and bubble painting. There are many different types of glazing including specialty glazes, and much you can do with wet greenware including add-ons, cutouts, and incising designs.

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I am a retired math teacher. My jusband and I have been pouring, cleaning, firing, and painting ceramics since 1970 and have been teaching since 1972. We are both Duncan certified and members of IADCCT (International Association of Duncan Certified Caramic Teachers) and MVCT (Mahoning Valley Ceramic Teachers), a local chapter in North East Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We have a home studio where we teach Technique Workshops and have Open Class time. We also have a party van which we take to local nursing homes. A new addition in 2020 is our online Facebook Live classes/demonstrations. We have two Etsy stores AfAfKidsNFriends for our African-American pieces and CarolsCarouselShoppe for our carousels. Find us on Facebook at CarolsCarouselCreations or send us an email to
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