The Weaver Experience

Weaver was the mold Manufacturing Company in New Holland, PA that bought all the masters for the Alberta Carousels. As you are aware, we are trying to get the rest of clipart family treethe carousel molds.

It was interesting  to discover that I am more of a Weaver than any of the family there. We met Shelleen Weaver (who is in charge of unloading the molds). She became a Weaver through marriage, she said her husband was a Weaver through adoption, and we met her dad (who let us in) who is not a Weaver at all. The old man who owned the business had passed away before Shelleen even met her husband.
[Now, I was actually born Carol Ann Weaver .]

That being said, the business was closed years ago and the huge warehouse basement was literally covered with molds and mold masters. From brand new, strapped to broken to molds with missing pieces. A fellow ceramist cautioned me before we made the trip that is was all junk. There were row after row of long, wide work tables; mold storage shelves along the back like library book stacks, and another room of molds piled on the floor.

It was a real treasure hunt and took us hours to look through them. No, the carousel horse molds were long gone, but we suspected that before we started. We saw many of the masters but they are not yet for sale.  Jim was able to get his wheelchair inside and maneuver between the tables. We brought back a van full of things we  liked and could have had much more but our storage is limited so we had to be selective.

Shelleen will be inventorying all the masters after the molds are gone. The Alberta Carousel masters will be put up for sale as a lot to the highest bidder.  Someday, someone will again be making Alberta Carousel molds, so if  you are looking to buy one, just be patient.

Sorry for the long-winded post today. It will take me at least another day to recuperate and then I can unload the van. Watch for posts of our new molds, coming soon.

About carolscarouselcreations

I am a retired math teacher. My jusband and I have been pouring, cleaning, firing, and painting ceramics since 1970 and have been teaching since 1972. We are both Duncan certified and members of IADCCT (International Association of Duncan Certified Caramic Teachers) and MVCT (Mahoning Valley Ceramic Teachers), a local chapter in North East Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We have a home studio where we teach Technique Workshops and have Open Class time. We also have a party van which we take to local nursing homes. A new addition in 2020 is our online Facebook Live classes/demonstrations. We have two Etsy stores AfAfKidsNFriends for our African-American pieces and CarolsCarouselShoppe for our carousels. Find us on Facebook at CarolsCarouselCreations or send us an email to
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