What’s New, Wednesday, May 4th

I’m not really into Star Wars but guess I should still say, “May the Fourth be with you” to all my friends who are fans.

Mother's Day  plate (student)
REMINDER: Tomorrow Night is the Mother’s Day Plate Workshop and we have some in the kiln for those who ordered them.  Jim poured an extra so if you want to make one, you can come Friday and still do so.

Alberta 1208 MB Lead Horse CCHe also poured more music box size carousel horses for a student who wants to make some.  If you are a carousel lover, come and join us Monday, Thursday, or Friday evening. Just be sure to place your order ahead of time as be don’t have any on the shelf. This is one that our student requested. Check out the rest here MB Carousel Horses.

Doc Holliday 788 LG GIRAFFEAnd today I ordered yet another mold!  Alberta 1097 a MB CAROUSEL GIRAFFE that goes with the set. (We also have a Large Carousel Giraffe, pictured). Some of the molds I thought I purchased and was picking up in Dayton weren’t there, evidently someone else had already bought them. So I will have to remove them from the catalog until I can find them elsewhere.


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