African-American Collection

Coming soon! 

We have purchased some molds of African-American figures that we will pick up during our travels in Oregon this May.

We plan to do the following:

  1. host a craft booth at the African-American Festival in Warren this June
  2. host booths at craft fairs in local African-American churches (45 minute drive)
  3. invite groups to African-American painting workshops in the studio
  4. offer Party Van Workshops for African-American groups at their church, in their homes, or at other events (45 minute drive)
  5. sell bisque online
  6. sell finished pieces online
  7. sell bisque at events for ceramic enthusiasts and professionals





Egyptian mask

We clipaart African mask drawinghave a pair of African masks — male and female — and an Egyptian mask. These are nice painted in a glaze or painted in detail with acrylics. (However, they don’t look anything like this illustration.)


cup stack Af-Am sports kidsWe are also able to add pictures of playful African-American children or infants to plain pieces, such as cups, bowls, plates, jars, canisters, and so on.  We can teach you how to do this or produce a finished piece for you. Painted in underglazes these pieces are usable in your kitchen and make great gifts. (Only the first cup was fired; others will be brighter when finished.)

plate Af-Am angels

We can also do decorative plates in acrylics for hanging on the wall. Just choose a piece of clipart that you really like, print it out the size you want to use, and transfer using clay carbon.



We also hope to learn how to do a “makeover,” where we change a Caucasian figure to African-American by altering the hair and facial features while the cast is still wet enough to be moldable.


Watch for the official announcement that these molds have arrived.

Please tell your African-American friends all about our new line of ceramic figures and encourage them to purchase finished pieces or come and make their own.